Along with the hair celebrations, cancer brings other days worthy of, if at the very least, some fanfare. After all, each cancer milestone is somewhat of a birthday, a new beginning. Life just feels good.



Subject: Re: 1st anniversary
Date: 4/17/99 7:51 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: QueenReg

You can make your anniversary any day you want. Me? I have several: I had my first anniversary of my diagnosis on 2/16. Now that was actually the day of my mammogram and core biopsy. I didn't get the results until the next day. But I will always regard 2/16 as the day I became a cancer survivor.

Then, I celebrate 3/24. That was the day I had my MRM and free tram. My husband even sent me flowers on that day. I sent them to my doctors. That will always be special because on that day, my cancer was removed and I was put back together again.

Today, 4/17, is the first anniversary of my first chemo. That will always be special because I defied cancer and began some serious butt kicking. I also saw how brave I can be. I like that part.

On June 19, I will celebrate another milestone. That will mark the 1st anniversary of my last chemo.

I think we can name any date(s) we want as our anniversaries. I intend on celebrating all of them. You should too.

Be well!



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