After the initial description of our plans was out, new ideas followed. We needed t-shirts. Every important event had a t-shirt. Janice, the creative member of our board, came up with lots of ideas, incorporating the idea of PA or Bust with lots of graphics and pizzazz. But some members of the group who would not be able to attend this particular gathering, wanted something that would represent us as a group, something that could be worn at future meetings. We put our collective keyboards together and came up with "Just Us" as our name, borrowed from the name of a web page created by Gloria, a participant on the board.

Janice's designs were put on polo shirts, denim shirts and t-shirts. The bOOga bOOga that appears on the angel design was borrowed from Kat, another participant, whose signature includes the mantra, "bOOga bOOga to the cancer beast." The newest in "Just Us" wear - baseball caps. Mine is on its way.

Our latest venture: breast health awareness cards. Conceived by Mona and designed by our own Janice, these cards are gentle messages for women to be more proactive in their health care. The attached cards are a slight variation of Janice's design. Sometimes the Internet doesn't do things right and in my case, these cards didn't print up as well as they should have. So what is attached are my versions of Janice's cards. Same message; same graphic. If this reminder can make one woman get her mammogram, it will be worth it.



Just Us
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