If I were going to tell people about our group, I would go back to my old letter to Rosie O'Donnell, inviting her to our West Chester, Pennsylvania gathering. Even though she did not respond, I was happy to get down on paper what the group means to me and the excitement I felt anticipating that meeting.


Subject: My Rosie letter
Date: Wed, 17 February 1999 08:55 AM EST

From: QueenReg


Here it is folks, mailed 2/7/99. Julie thinks maybe if Rosie is bombarded, she'll come. Wanna join a letter writing campaign?

With Rosie's passion for breast cancer causes and her involvement with AOL, I have a story that just might be of interest to her and her viewers. I am a breast cancer survivor who has her support group on AOL, the THRIVE Breast Cancer Support Message Board. I have never met these women, but they are so special to me. We refer to ourselves as sisters, Warrior Women. We protect each other and look out for each other's
interests. We share our fears, our triumphs and our struggles. We hold parties on-line when one of us has good news to celebrate; we hold prayer groups when one of us is in pain. We cheer on those who are going "topless" (wigless) for the first time, and comfort those who will never experience that joy. We are truly friends, breast friends, yet we have never met. But soon, that will change.

On April 10, 1999, over 25 women(and the number keeps growing) who reside on the East coast and participate in the THRIVE Breast Cancer Support Message Board will be meeting in West Chester, Pennsylvania. The trip, dubbed "Pennsylvania or Bust" by Marie from Florida - for some of us with real, some with reconstructed, some without - will take me over 300 miles. I cannot recall when I have been so excited about embarking on an adventure! I am looking
forward to embracing those women who have helped me through my cancer odyssey. I am eager to reach out to others who have been experiencing some difficult times. I imagine it will be a day filled with laughter and tears, but one that we will all remember for many years to come.

Please accept my invitation to join us in Pennsylvania. It will be an emotional gathering for sure, but one that will be uplifting and full of hope and love. If you would like to join us, please let me know and I will forward the details to you.


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